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10 Best RSS Reader Alternatives to Google Reader

by amol238

RSS Reader Alternative

This morning we left with a bitter taste in the mouth after having tried the updated version of Google Reader RSS reader . Although known for several days, only now we see what the lookyou have Reader, like Google Docs, and changes in some of its main features .

However, while some are happy with the change, there are many who are now looking to change due to this renewal. Fortunately, although the Google Reader is most used on the web, there are several alternatives that we can begin to use. We have compiled this list of ten services like Google Reader in its heyday, but probably will not bother developments goals.As always, are welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments

  • Netvibes : This service is a dashboard with many features, among them a complete account RSS reader. Do not be afraid to see the price list because the basic account comes out almost $ 500, but we have a free account that includes the RSS reader and some more features. For those looking for something well-rounded, they may do so through Netvibes. Check out Netvibes
  • Check out Bloglines : ideal for mass consumers of blogs, BlogLines allows us to read our feeds directly online, and is also available for some cities in its Local. At the moment this version is not available in Spain or Latin America, but it would intersante her. Although it has nothing special beyond that, Bloglines is a simple alternative. Check out Bloglines
  • Good Noows : This web based application promises “change the way we read the news.”And they may be right. It has an interface much more interesting and attractive than Reader. It is totally free, and as we said before, there is no need to install it on your computer to use it, in the same way we use Reader. Check out Good Noows
  • Feedlooks : with FeedLooks we can combine two things: our RSS feed and our Twitter account to get everything synchronized in one place. Although its interface is not exactly pretty, is one of the most complete because it has features that allow us to filter the most interesting news of a publication to which we subscribe, and let us read feeds without leaving the app but with the same aesthetics of the web that we are reading. Check out Feedlooks
  • Feedly : Feedly is no lie that is a reader “for creative minds.” One of the best alternatives to Google Reader needs to be installed in your browser to use, but when we do have access to integration with social services like Twitter and Facebook, a simple and minimalist interface, and many ways to customize the way read the news. Check out Feedly
  • Readefine : Readefine experience is almost the same as reading a newspaper, for its interface. It has support for Instapaper and ReadItLater, builds on our existing Google Reader account and organizes our feeds in multiple columns to have better access.Beware, for this reader has to be installed on the computer prior to use, but in a good way to synchronize our feed. Check out Readefine
  • Newsblur : this is also a very good alternative more than anything in the way that organizes our feeds. Well minimalist, but with good use of colors to detail the importance of the news contained in the folders that have separated our RSS Newsblur and is promoting ways in which you can migrate your account to Google Reader them, seizing the opportunity. And the truth is they have the service to promote. Check out Newsblur
  • Feed Demon : another great alternative that is already chosen by many. FeedDemon is a simple service that does not distance itself too much from Google Reader, and can serve for those who do not want to wean too much to what were already using. Check out Feeddemon
  • Blog Bridge : “the best system for addicts to information” has the best interface (actually seems a bit dated), but is aimed at people who have to learn everything at the moment it is published (journalists, professional public relations, among others). It has to be installed on your computer to use and care, because it has a price, so only limited to those looking for something professional. Check out Blog Bridge
  • Blog Navigator : a product of the company Stardock, and as some services that we present is not free. It costs about $ 20, but this is because it also serves as a content editing program online for those who manage blogs. Although I doubt that we are interested in this right now, your feed reader is interesting and comes with this package. Its interface makes it ideal for people accustomed to using Microsoft Outlook. Check out BlogNavigator

Do you use any of the above RSS readers ?

Image Credit:Kexino

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Web Developer November 10, 2011 - 1:10 pm

Awesome list of RSS readers, I didn’t know there were so many of them

Kelli November 12, 2011 - 2:11 am

I’ve tried a few, but I just keep coming back to google. I mean its so seamless!


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