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How to Create Titles that Work to Attract Clicks

by amol238

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A routine article/blog post consists of at least 400 words while a standard title doesn’t stretches out to more than 8 – 10 words, however, the 8 words in the title can make an even stronger impact than the entire 400 words in the article.

Doesn’t matter if you are writing an article, blog post, press release, or a marketing copy, at the end of the day you have got to spend relatively more time on polishing the titles as compared to the article.

Ideally, the title should be capable of serving two purposes, it should be attractive enough to make the visitors click, and at the same time, it should contain some keywords to feed search engine crawlers. If a title fails to deliver on any of these fronts, you will not be getting sufficient rewards from your efforts.

Not only a compelling title can transform an ordinary topic into an extra ordinary post, it can also make the writer’s job easier by giving them a particular direction to pursue.

Following points will help you in making a title that serves all of the above-mentioned purposes. But remember there are no hard and fast rules and you need to adjust according to your targeted audience.


The title should be lengthy enough to be able to describe the content of the article. Remember that it’s not a book title that needs to be short and precise; the title must be descriptive enough to let the readers know what the article is all about.

And such description asks for more than 2, 3 words. But then you cannot stretch the title to make it sound like a summary. In most cases, 8 to 10 words are more than enough.


Use little or no keywords and your SERP’s will suffer, use too many keywords and you will not be getting enough clicks (because too many keywords in the title will make it sound uninteresting, putting off the readers).

Using the right keywords in the titles, while keeping it natural is an art that a web writer needs to master, because even if you aren’t writing strictly for SEO purposes, you should still be using some keywords in the title to help search engines index and show your content for the right searches.

No hyperbole:

It’s quite easy to make the people click by using the buzz words; however, if you are not backing the hyperbole by delivering what you have promised, you are taking a huge risk.

There are some veterans who will vouch for overstating just to capture the attention, but this technique can easily backfire, especially if your audience is internet savvy. In most cases high sounding words will work as a deterrent.

If you can back the claims like “ground breaking secrets”, “unique”, “totally free” or the likes, then go for it, otherwise tone down your pitch, don’t raise the expectations unless you can deliver. Otherwise the visitors will be utterly disappointed, for obvious reasons.

Hold them once you have got them:

While tempting your targeted audience to click is surely the first objective, that’s certainly not the only one. Good titles should be backed by equally good content. Being a writer, nothing hurts me more than watching a good title getting wasted by a writer who seems to be in haste.

Create curiosity:

Lists like top 5 or top 10 ignite curiosity in the readers, and often they will stop to take a sneak peak. Best thing about such lists is that you are free to rank the contents in any order of your liking.

In fact, your ranking order might ignite a debate amongst the readers, pushing them to come up with their own rankings or additions to the lists.

Success story:

For some weird reasons, news industry has embraced the myth (and web publishers often fall for the same notion) that it’s easier to captivate readers by highlighting tragic and disastrous aspects.

I am not a psychologist but I’ve seen good news and success stories creating as much interest as the bad ones. If you are doling out tips on any given topic, you can either highlight the goods that your tips can bring about, or the bad that ignoring these tips can propel.

You can choose either one but for the sake of change, I’d say go for the first option and highlight the good aspects.

This is a guest post by Rahil, check out our guidelines if you want to guest post here.

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Lakhyajyoti March 22, 2011 - 8:18 am

In a single line we can say title is the face of the article.

TrafficColeman March 22, 2011 - 9:21 am

Once you master what words to use and how to get people to click, then the rest is easy when it comes to writing the content..your site should be setup to do the converting..

“Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

Hausboot March 23, 2011 - 1:20 am

i think the most catchy titles are the ones with “how to” and “top x”… i think there have been some tests done that showed that these titles got the most clicks and it’s pretty easy to understand why 🙂 everybody likes to know “how to” do something or which are the top 10 x he can do or use..

log home floor plans March 24, 2011 - 12:55 pm

Composing a mind-blowing headers and making your title interesting will surely attract users to click on the title.

kitchen countertops March 24, 2011 - 8:39 pm

thanks for this tips..yes agree that title is need to be attractive..to be click..very interesting article..keep posting this kind of information..

Tv Serials March 27, 2011 - 10:36 pm

Specially the one about no giving to much information. I have the tendency to write too much in the headline.
Thanks again!

Navya March 28, 2011 - 2:46 am

Well-said Rahil,

Title should be catchy and related to the content too..
You have given valuable tips through this post and I am glad to know about all those..


Tony March 28, 2011 - 3:58 pm

The title of the post like an introduction, let’s people click or move out.

Harsh Agrawal March 31, 2011 - 10:23 am

Rahil some real nice tips and I agree with you completely. I have seen that no matter how good or bad the post is, a Good or appealing title attracts more CTR….

Maria Pavel April 1, 2011 - 9:31 pm

If you don’t have a good title, the content of the article has zero value.
If i don’t find the title interesting, i just don’t read the article, so the content goes to waste however good it may be.
But i’ve also met bloggers good at titles and bad at content. Started reading the article and realized it was trash. But still, i read it because of the title. Point made.

UK Telemarketing Company April 11, 2011 - 5:59 am

Nice, yeah title is play important roll in website. From title you easily understand that which type of website that was and which type of services provided by that company, and SEO point of view title play important roll in promotion of site, same title of two page consider spammer in SEO.

Jerrick April 28, 2011 - 12:03 am

Some people more focus on get traffic and give up to enter keywords in headtitle and put in subtitle because they wish to make some joke on the headtitle to attract people to study and look into it. Will this affect SEO as well?

lose weight August 17, 2011 - 11:26 am

Take the time to create a title that is striking and informative, that way you can get the most hits. People are very cautious of what they read, so it is up to you to make them interested. Combine this with natural keyword implementation and you will have a hit.


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