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Is Outsourcing and Software Technology the Evolution of Internet Marketing?

by amol238


The internet is ubiquitous. Suddenly providing services doesn’t have many barriers, and a valley girl in Orange County California can interact with a Filipino, Indian, or Chinese citizen.

Stigmatism of outsourcing work:

Unfortunately many people correlate outsourced work with migrant workers, poor quality, and something that isn’t patriotic. What one must realize is these people are not only extremely intelligent and capable, in most circumstances they are smarter and more efficient – which is the whole purpose behind outsourcing – streamlining processes and minimizing overhead which is critical to business success.

Doing it all yourself…at least at first:

When I first began internet marketing I performed all the tasks. I built every backlink, I commented on every post, made every forum thread, and wrote every article. Today, however things have changed. I realized my time is more valuable than $5 an hour and began to outsource things that could be outsourced without losing quality.

Objective tasks work the best for this. A backlink is either created or it’s not. There is little grey area, which gives both the project creator and the worker clear objectives and set pay. You can’t start at point B, so you must start at A. It’s necessary to do these tasks yourself to understand their true value. Never outsource a task unless you know intimately it’s true value.

Subjective tasks throw a curve ball:

Things get a bit more complicated when it comes to article writing . They can be either dreadful, amazing, or something in between. Personal relationships and time help cultivate quality working partnerships, separating the good from the bad (just like any “native” relationship would require). Skype, Gchat, AIM, and Yahoo are your friend in this situation.

It’s ALIVE! The birth of automation software:

I first realized not everyone plays by the rules when I played my first online game (Diablo). In this game players had to earn gold and equipment, until I ran into one player that duplicated money right in front of me. I was shocked! Not everyone was playing by the rules. Today, it’s no different in online marketing .

For years I would painstakingly register to different blogs and forums. Attempting to interact with as many people as possible whether I was creating posts, adding images, or participating in forums. Fast forward and we now have programs that automate signing up to the popular web 2.0 sites, and can register to millions of forums – what once took days, months, and years, now takes less than a few hours.

Is SEO (search engine optimization) the only thing to be gamed?

The entire internet is subject to automation software. Right now programs are running to add Twitter followers, and gain facebook friends and likes. I would often joke with friends that half the internet is real people and the other half is bots, and outsourced workers.

A sense of pride replaced with reality:

Long gone are the days where I valued registering and contributing a hand written post of my own creation. You don’t make any serious income doing those things. Businesses need to be scalable, and like the great teacher Og Mandino (from The Greatest Salesman in the World) teaches us to multiply our value we must multiply ourselves – and to do that we need outsourcing and technology.

Ironically this post was written by me because guest posting and relationships are ideas on the interwebs that are not so easily replaced by a faceless worker or R2-D2.

What are your thoughts on oursourcing ? What type of jobs do you outsource ?

This is a guest post by Matthew Anton, you can check out the guidelines to guest post here.

Image Credit: awhops

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Joomla Expert June 27, 2011 - 6:52 am

Matthew, what I can add is internet along with other technologies has opened channels of communication, choice, and enabled greater participation by users in this expanding era of globalization.

Jason Mitchev June 29, 2011 - 5:46 pm

I would suggest that by outsourcing, you can actually be creating work for somebody else. It would, of course, depend upon the situation. Outsourcing, as a concept, contains a lot of negativity. But it could be a good thing.

Arelthia July 1, 2011 - 5:44 pm

The first time I tried to outsource it did not work. I have learned to set criteria and to use requirements in the description that allows me to see if they can follow instructions. The best outsource workers ask questions to make sure they understand the requirements and offer insight when necessary. I have had some success with outsourcing writing posts. But as you stated they are either great or horrible. I have had a lot of success with transcriptions.

Sandy July 14, 2011 - 9:59 pm

If only we have all these sources in the past, I can’t imagine how powerful we are today. Internet marketing really evolve and still evolving.

Sam Paul November 24, 2011 - 5:35 am

Yes, this is obvious and a fully acceptable thing that outsourcing and software technology are the main aspects leading to the evolution of Internet Marketing. Any kind of internet marketing is done through many people from other parts of the world. The main modes are the communication and user satisfaction for developing and spreading the online marketing business.


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