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Problogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging ( 50 % Off )

by amol238

First Week Blogging

Darren Rowse (aka Problogger) released his third ebook titled Guide to First Week of Blogging and I bought it without thinking twice. But I am not in my first week of blogging, I’ve been blogging for a while now. Then why do I need this book.

I am in my first week of blogging, I am looking for ideas and inspiration for my new blog and what better book to download than Problogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging.

I’ve downloaded Problogger’s 31 Day to Build A Better Blog and Copywriting Scorecard for Bloggers and both the books have taught me the essentials to build a solid blog.

My first blog post was in July 2008 at that I time I had no idea about what I wanted to write on this blog. Once the blog was set up I had to struggle to come up with my first post. I thought for about four days and short listed a few titles, I posted two articles on day one of this blog ( 18 th july 2008 )

None of them were pillar articles or anything that would grab the users attention. With very little grip on content and my thoughts I pressed the publish button. That was me and my first week of blogging 🙂

Here’s where Problogger’s Guide to First Week of Blogging comes to rescue.

A perfect guide for bloggers who are looking to start their first blog or advance bloggers who are looking for ideas to start their second or third blog.

What does the book contain:
The main goal of the book is to teach you to build a solid content base for your new blog. The book gives you three to five tasks to complete daily.

Every day for one week you have a new task, each task is catered to teach you to gradually build your blog into a solid content powerhouse.

Day 1: Set Solid Foundations
– Set up an ideas folder, brainstorm post ideas, set a posting rhythm, create your launch post.

Day 2: Publish and Build Presence
– Publish your launch post, create your ‘my story post’, generate ideas for pillar content.

Day 3: Concentrate on Content
– Publish your ‘my story post’, generate ideas using “mind mapping”, establish a social media presence for your blog.

Day 4: Understand the Blog as a Product
– Publish your pillar content post, create your next blog post, create a content plan.

Day 5: Put Yourself Out There
– Start your pillar content series, use blog comments to generate ideas, research audience needs using social media

Day 6: Define and Demonstrate Quality
– Create a basic style guide for your blog, revise your sites About page,

Day 7: Strategize for Success
– Review your blogs direction, identify content gaps, refresh your publishing plans

A solid power packed first week of to-dos for your Blog

How much does it cost ?
Until May 17 th 2011, the 52 page Guide to First Week of Blogging will cost you only $9.99 – A 50 % discount off the regular price. If you buy it now it, you also have a chance to win one Pro Plus Theme Package from Studiopress

First Week Blogging

I’ll also include bonus worth $477 mentioned here. At $9.99 it’s a no brainer, and with a bonus of $477 it does not get better. All you need to do is send me an email when you purchase the book and I’ll send you the bonus of $477 in less than 24 hours.

And you also have a 100% refund, Problogger will return 100 % of the money if you are not satisfied with the ebook after 30 days.

Work to build a solid blog from day one. Check out Guide to First Week of Blogging

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