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Problogger’s Guide to Online Marketing – 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog (50% Discount)

by amol238

Problogger (aka Darren Rowse) launched his fourth book on blogging, I’m extremely excited about this one its called – ‘The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing’. It’s a practical guide that has great potential to help you create a sustainable income from your blog focusing on online marketing.

‘The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing’. lays down 31 concrete steps (in 31 easy to read chapters) to a Profitable Blog. The book is not about the basics of blogging, it focuses on the core marketing aspect of your blog. In simple words how to market your blog to get traffic and be profitable.

Bloggers Guide Online Marketing

It’s easy to start a blog but takes dedication and time to make money from it, the practical guide helps you focus on profit generation strategies.

Each chapter of this guide has an insightful story to tell and a simple approach to success. If you are serious about building a profitable blog, you’ll find this practical guide very helpful.

Problogger’s extensive experience to creating profitable and sustainable online brands clearly comes out in the guide. There are plenty of examples and activities for you to take making the guide useful and apply theory to actual practice.

The guide is backed by an extensive library of practical templates, easy to use and print worksheets and practice documents – making it a very profitable tool kit for your blog and online business.

What does Problogger’s Guide to Online Marketing include ?

This practical guide is written for bloggers who want to transition the blogs into businesses. It comes bundled as a kit with a library 21 templates and examples. Buyers get 22 files all bundled up.

The guide is divided in to two parts:

A) 31 Chapters focused on practical tips to income generating strategies.

1) Conduct a brand audit
2) Understand your target audience
3) Create customer personas
4) Understand the competition
5) Write your elevator pitch
6) Conduct the “three-second” test
7) Ensure your blog is on-brand
8 ) Edit your content
9) Create a framework for measuring success
10) Get email-enabled
11) Get set to A/B test
12) Conduct an SEO audit
13) Build your core support team
14) Understand your monetization options
15) Understand advertising
16) Understand affiliate programs
17) Organize and plan products
18) Create a launch plan
19) Master the campaign
20) Manage a launch
21) Price products
22) Understand discounting
23) Define your sales funnel
24) Make PR contacts
25) Promote someone else’s product
26) Run a competition
27) Survey your customers
28) Run an advertising campaign
29) Understand the long tail
30) Know when to stop marketing
31) Review your strategy

Bonuses Kit

B) A Comprehensive Library of Resources

The guide includes more than 21 awesome documents, templates and workbooks to help you get all the
above content into practice.
Some of the templates included are
– Sample sales pages
– Performance tracking template
– Measurement framework
– Campaign planning proforma
– Affiliate performance measurement tool
– Customer life-cycle analysis example
– Joint venture email template
– Presentation example
– Survey plan example
– Launch plan and email templates
– Testing templates
And much more

Who’s the Guide for ?

The guide is designed for bloggers who want to take their blog to the next level of customer interaction and profitability. If your goal is to make your blog sticky and interactive then this guide is indispensable. The guide is a complete package to the online marketing and profitability function of the blog.

More targeted traffic = more profitability and that’s the goal of the guide.

Download Now

FULL Money Back Guarantee

The practical guide retails for $99.99 USD, but for a very limited time, you can secure your copy for $49.99 USD – that’s a 50% discount and comes with a 60 day FULL Money Back Guarantee, if you are not happy with the guide Problogger will refund the full amount. It’s a no brainer, you get your full amount even if you are not satisfied with the guide and you get to keep the guide.

Download Problogger’s Guide to Online Marketing

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Jemelyn|Newsletter Printing September 1, 2011 - 3:46 am

Good to know that the book is 50% less. The book is packed with useful tips in blogging.

Felicia @ No Deposit Poker September 8, 2011 - 2:01 am

Thanks for sharing with us this wonderful discount promo! I hope it won’t be finished anytime soon, so that everyone can benefit from it.

Nicholas Scott@Press Release Distribution September 9, 2011 - 6:35 am

Internet marketing is considered to be broad in scope because it not only refers to marketing on the Internet, but also includes marketing done via e-mail and wireless media. Digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems are also often grouped together under internet marketing.


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