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Top 5 Ecommerce Plugins for Wordpress

by amol238

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If you’re in two minds to install a plug-in or not, don’t be! Look at eBay, Amazon already doing such great business online with the help of word press plug-ins. It is insanely important to consider an e-shopping platform, if you plan to do business online.

Wordpress plug-ins has opened a plethora of options quite recently. Due to this plug-ins, setting up a customized web store so quickly and easily is no longer a distant dream. The most vital aspect while employing any plug-in is to verify the source of each of this plug-ins before starting to use them.

The role of any plug-in is to help us with a solution to fix a particular problem faced on the web store, and also to increase the functionality of the ecommerce site.

Let’s find out the 5 most prominent wordpress plug-ins one must have:

1. WooCommerce
It is an excellent plug-in, which literally and figuratively, has the capabilities to transform a basic word press site to an ecommerce web store.
Some of the key features include:
a. Keeps a check on your store performances
b. Analysis can be done for each product and category
c. Ability to present reviews in contemporary manner
d. Epic customizing features
e. Great payment gateways
f. Hassle-free shipping methods

WooCommerce is the right word press plug-in you need for your business.

2. MarketPress
This particular plug-in is very prominent, easy to work on, and gives a comprehensive shopping experience to buyers on web stores.
Some of the key features include:
a. Supports major payment gateways
b. Compatible with almost all Word press themes
c. Offers custom shipping options
d. Gives 24/7/365 support

If you are looking at using an easy to use plug-in then Market Press is for you.

3. Easy Digital Downloads
Easy digital downloads is one of the best plug-ins if you’re online store is about selling digital stuffs online.

Some of the key features include:
a. Offers promotional code systems
b. Offers multiple payment gateways
c. You can keep a track of payment history
d. Provides cart system for buying multiple downloads at one go

Look no further, if you happen to have business dealing in digital products. Easy Digital Downloads is an ideal plug-in in this case.

4. WP e-commerce
Wp e-commerce is another popular word press plug-in that can be smoothly used with any word press theme.
Some of the key features include:
a. Easy to install
b. Gives full support to word press widgets
c. Easily customizable
d. Allows to use your own HTML and CSS, which gives you full control over the feel and look of the web store

WP e-commerce is a free and known as a very powerful plug-in.

5. Cart66 Lite
A very simple to install and use but powerful word press plug-in. Cart 66 Lite has many in-built stunning features that allows one to easily do business online.

Some of the key features include:
a. Multiple shipping options
b. Manages orders
c. Custom fields for products available
d. Potential to sell digital products with Amazon S3 integration worldwide
e. Customizable email receipts available

Cart66 Lite is known to be the easiest amongst all word press plug-ins.

Here comes an end to the list of 5 top most word press plug-ins that you could grab. All the plug-ins mentioned are important for your businesses. Try answering these few fundamental questions to know, if you are contemplating to use a plug-in:

– Do I really need a plug-in to fix a problem? Is there any other way to put an end to the concern?

– Is the plug-in absolutely inevitable? Will it improve the functionality of my ecommerce site?

If the answers to the above questions are affirmative then it is time to get the plug-in. So choose wisely.

You need to first identify the right plug-ins that are not harmful for your web store and do not crash your website. These word press plug-ins should not even slow down your website.

The bottom line is to know that plug-ins has the capacity to extend word press to function in any way you can imagine. However,
it is important to nail down apt plug-ins for your e-commerce store.

Author Bio:
Simon is a freelance writer by profession and Technology-enthusiast at heart.

He mainly covers topics related to Technology, health and business, and now days he is working to learn about the woocommerce personalized product designer used for e-commerce sites and passionate to cover and write reviews or issues faced by e-commerce industry and corrective measures for the same.

He prefers and loves to read about the Changing trends and review them of her own.

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Robert James August 2, 2014 - 1:34 am

Woocommerce is the best plugin out there. Having used on a couple of sites, it doesn’t slow down the site or something like that. Nice post.

Rohan Bhardwaj August 3, 2014 - 6:41 pm


Wordpress have the solution for almost every need via plugin’s. That was smart of you to share the plugin’s that convert any website into a complete e-commerce solution.

The five of them seems very nice, but one needs to choose the best for their need and their website’s compatibility to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Beautiful post.

P.S. I found this post on Kingged.

Victoria August 4, 2014 - 8:03 am

Love Woocommerce plugin – it is very easy to set up and use, plus gives you the most options for customization. The only drawback is the absence of monthly subscriptions

CRM Software September 11, 2014 - 7:31 am

WooCommerce is the best out of all. I have been using it since long time.


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